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STEPS — that's all you need for life, work and leisure - IN ONE Residential Complex!

Completely new approach to real estate the project that creates maximum conditions for comfort and a feeling of unity with nature in an urban environment

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The internal territory of STEPS is an organic continuation of the modern architecture of the building. The Botanical Garden, located on the 4th floor, is a miniature version of the Batumi Botanical Garden. The alley and green lawns, swimming pool, open-air cafes, decorative benches and flower beds, gazebos and recreation areas turn the inner courtyard of the Botanical Garden into a place that you fall in love with.


For interior of public spaces, we have developed a modern and multifunctional design: We did not want to lose the spirit of “Georgian hospitality” and make it as modern as possible, so we combined them and got a very modern, old design. All STEPS public interiors are carefully thought out - they are an organic continuation of the building’s architecture.


The multifunctional residential complex of hotel type STEPS is being built according to the new regulation on the safety of residential complexes: Fire detectors in apartments and corridors; Autonomous elevators in the event of a power outage; Security rooms with separate oxygen supply. STEPS has its own closed area, protected by a system of security and access control. Modern video surveillance and access control systems guarantee security. .


The new boulevard is beautifully refined with flowers, greenery, playgrounds, sculptures, hammocks, fountains and lighting. All this makes it a chic place for romantic walks and children's entertainment. Since it is quiet and not very crowded here, this is a good place to practice yoga or gymnastics, play badminton and do mini picnics. There is also a specially equipped track for rollers and bicycles where you can learn and drive well. The beginning of the new boulevard resembles a large park, where one of the famous sculptures with hearts is placed, a playground with cartoon figures, a labyrinth of desires, as well as huge slippers on eggs. And three small fountains, one of which beats out of the ground. The beach is a great option for lovers to soak up the sun. The Black Sea coast annually collects thousands of tourists from around the world. Here you can always get a charge of excellent mood and relax your soul, at any time. A large shopping center - where the shops of many well-known shopping brands are located. Here, you can eat in fast foods and in restaurants. Supermarket, children's entertainment center, a large household store. Next to our multi-functional project is located one of the largest casinos in Batumi. Transportation - several types of public transport are available to get to the city center - including city buses and minibuses. Airport - the airport is located only 4 km away, which means that after the flight you will need 10 minutes to get to your apartment. In this area you can fall in love at first sight. They say Batumi is called the new Dubai of Europe and it is directly connected with our location.

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