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Ongoing works of electrical wiring systems

Ongoing works of electrical wiring systems

25 May, 2022

When arranging electrical networks, the quality of materials and components is of great importance.

The power supply network in the apartments is halogen-free, non-flammable fire-resistant cable that does not emit trapped gas and limits the spread of fire.

For the electrical wiring system, we collaborate with Borsan- manufacturer of electrical cables of international standards with environmentally friendly materials and long service life. Halogen-free, fireproof cooper cable is guaranteed to ensure the highest quality of products. Thanks to reliable insulation does not spread combustion and emits a low amount of gas.

Borsan Kablo can produce its own PVC formulations in its own facilities. Has CE marking, which is a certification mark and indicates compliance of the product with European standards - health, safety, environmental protection. Without CE marking it is impossible to sell products in the European Economic Area (EEA).

In the Elite investment complex STEPS, you will find Schneider Electric which is one of the most famous manufacturers of electrical wiring accessories in the world.

Schneider Electric wiring accessories provides a family of styles brought together by design as well as providing a high level of quality and reliability. Providing sophisticated styles to suit all interiors and packed with innovative technical features and time saving installation benefits, Schneider wiring accessories are an essential complement to every installation.

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